Melee DPS & Resto Druids 
We are first and foremost, a group of Casual Progression Raiding Guilds.
Secondarily, we exist to create a friendly and helpful atmosphere in game.
Created on the 24th December 2008, the Army of the Horde has established a casual raiding element in the game. We have the mechanics of a ‘hardcore’ raiding guild with the casual approach. Members are encouraged to read what we expect from them within the rules. Although we are a casual raiding guild, we expect boss kills and not wipes. No one likes wipes. In general we are a friendly and helpful guild. Our Guild Bank is set up to provide for raids and Main Spec Gear Enchants etc. As a member you will see end game content. At current we have cleared pre ICC 10 man content. 
ICC is on progression as a 10 and 25 man Set-up. 
We are a progression-driven guild, built from the ground up for effective PVE raiding. We prefer to keep a tight roster of effective players. While a great attitude and an analytical mind are absolutely essential to raiding with us, outstanding in-raid performance, attentiveness, and skill are the primary attributes we look for in our raiders. 
As players, we get frustrated with raiders who do not care about their classes as much as we do. Additionally, we are turned off by players who are prone to drama. For these reasons, we recruit only players who share our desire and ability for top performance and who honour our strict no-drama policy.
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Army of the Horde also has a Sister Guild called 'Dark Redemption' on the Alliance Side of Aggramar. 

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